The Alberto Madella Award: Parameters and Winners

We’ve learned about the Man Behind the Honor, let’s talk about the award!

The Madella Award recognizes a project graded as high distinction, which includes:

  • Having a strong purpose and research question to address a problem the host sport organization or system has
  • Being properly theoretically grounded
  • Having appropriate data collection and analysis methods
  • Drawing meaningful findings that contribute to addressing the research question

The most important criterion, however, is developing realistic recommendations and a strong, feasible action plan that will positively impact the host sport organization or system.

The Madella Award is typically determined through an independent panel that evaluates the candidates to select the winner.

Our past Madella Award winners are:

Continent Class Country Name
America (ES) MEMOS XIII 2010 Barbados Vaneisha Cadogan
America (ES) MEMOS IV 2011 Mexico Rodrigo Dosal Ulloa
America (ES) MEMOS V 2013 Argentina Cristian Roldan
America (ES) MEMOS V 2013 Panama Damaris Itzel Young Aranda
America (ES) MEMOS VI 2015 Argentina Anabela Moccia
Africa (FR) MEMOS V 2012 Mauritius Sahir Edoo
America (FR) MEMOS VI 2014 Brazil Joyce Diniz Ardies
Europe (FR) MEMOS VII 2016 France Andrea Sensi
Europe (FR) MEMOS VIII 2018 Switzerland Yves L’Eplattenier
Asia (EN) MEMOS XVI 2011 Korea Jiyoon Oh
Asia (EN) MEMOS XV 2012 Iran Mehdi Ghadami
America (EN) MEMOS XVII 2013 USA Michelle Brown Hurtado
America (EN) MEMOS XVIII 2014 USA Christine Walshe
America (EN) MEMOS XIX 2015 Canada Todd Denis
Europe (EN) MEMOS XX 2016 Lithuania Vita Balsyte
Europe (EN) MEMOS XXI 2017 Belgium Matthias Van Baelen
America (EN) MEMOS XXII 2018 USA Danielle Lopez
Europe (EN) MEMOS XXV 2022 Netherlands Agaath Doeleman – van den Ende