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Frequently Asked Questions: Hosting the MEMOS Convention in 2025

The MEMOS Convention is a comprehensive and inclusive gathering, organized by and for MEMOS alumni (referred to as MEMOSIANS). Since sharing the opening of bidding for hosting late last year, we’ve had a few Frequently Asked Questions the team would like to address.
1) What kind of Cultural program should we be considering?
Cultural programme is an inherent part of the MEMOS Convention, which allows participants to develop connections and learn about the local culture. Examples: In 2018 the Portuguese NOC organised a dinner and a show in Cascais and engaged their local businesses by having them in the Convention Center with small showcases. A showcase or exhibition of local cultural activities, traditional sports or popular activities, which would include active participation from Memosians would be a very important part of the programme.
2) What will be needed in terms of class and amount of hotel rooms? Aside from a main hotel for Olympic Solidarity, various accommodation options would be welcome: hotels, AirBnB, and hostel options would be essential to accommodate to the different needs of participants. For example, many opted for AirBnB instead of hotels during the 2nd edition of MEMOS Convention in Cascais.
3) Logistics? All in-country transport should be outlined in your bid. Local logistics would be organised by the host organisation.
4) Who is in charge of the Development of the Program? This is a collaborative effort between the host, Olympic Solidarity, MEMOS, and several MEMOSIANS. We are encouraging creativity and an out-of-the-box approach within this collaboration!
5) Can you provide more clarity¬†for the dates? October 2025 from the bidding information is vague. This timeframe was chosen to avoid conflicts with major sporting events around the world. We are open to alternative options keeping in mind to minimize conflicts in attendees’ schedules.
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