the Longest MEMOS Ever

The “Longest MEMOS Ever” and MEMOS 24 Graduate in the largest graduation yet!

In September, a long-standing MEMOS tradition came back after a 2-year pandemic break: MEMOS in English Graduation in Lausanne, Switzerland. MEMOS 23, the Longest MEMOS Ever, was finally able to meet again in person. It was a whirlwind week for them: rekindling friendships and mentorships, finetuning and presenting their projects, meeting MEMOS 24 and MEMOS 25, and (finally) graduating!

As for MEMOS 24, they had a very similar schedule with a few key differences. This was their second time meeting and they had the full pressure of presenting their newly-completed thesis projects (this year with a Zoom option for their Sports Organizations, friends and, family to watch).

During this fun, MEMOS 25 was meeting for the first time. MEMOSIANS remember meeting fellow colleagues in Sport from around the globe for the first time, learning about each other’s professional lives – and their homes and cultures, the introductions to the MEMOS curriculum, and formulating the start of their research for their thesis project.

The IOC graciously hosted – including guided tours of the IOC headquarters, the use of the Olympic House for the presentation of MEMOS 24’s project and the graduations, their amazing media team and many members of the incredible IOC staff, Senior Advisor Pere Miró for the graduation ceremony, and refreshments.

Thank you to everyone who made these graduations possible, the MEMOSIANS and MEMOSIANS-in-training for making this a successful graduation and start of a new MEMOS in English class!