In A Pandemic: Optimism in Sport

We are all experiencing a significant shift in Sport during 2020. Everything is different – from being a fan, an athlete, a coach, an administrator, a future MEMOSIAN, to a member of the media.

From the International news-making change of Tokyo 2020 being moved to July 2021, to our smaller, personal changes of working from home and video conference meetings. Things are different and change is hard. The list (thank you to USA Today) of postponed or changed sports events and adjustments seem endless, and as many countries still battle country-wide shutdowns, these lists will continue to grow. And still, we have hope.

We are focused on the well being of our athletes and communities. Collectively, we are optimistic and working together towards a future that is better. And there is a lot of beauty and hope in this global optimism in Sport.

MEMOSIANS, what are you working on for our future in Sport? What improvement and changes have you seen work? What are you excited about? Email us, we want to hear about it!