November Coffee Break

Our November Coffee Break was with the General Director Piero Rebaudengoof the International Sport Climbing Federation.

In the discussion of Climbing being a new Olympic Sport, Rebaudengoof was quick to remind us: “the sport of climbing is old”. Climbing is one of the five movements we learn when we’re children. “We climb before we run”.

On the process of becoming an Olympic Sport, Rebaudengoof highlighted the youth in the Olympic Movement. Their interest, support, and dedication to the event helped pave the path to becoming an Olympic event. Also needed, being understood. A huge part of the job of taking a Sport into the Olympics is making sure the Sport is understood, for its values internally and its value in the Olympic Games.

This was a great follow-up to our World Skate interview in October (link). The MEMOSIAN community joins the world in anticipating more great events in the future – including Paris 2024.

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