Beijing Winter Games

MEMOSIANS at the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, China

MEMOSIANS can be found in all aspects of Olympic Games: from the playing fields, to media, to organizing, and everything in between for the Games. The 2022 Beijing Winter Games were no different. Here are some of the MEMOSIAN faces at and behind the Games:


Marcelo Braga for Team Saudi Arabia

Filippo Bazzanella Observer programme managed by IOC

Khosbayar Bat-Erdene Mongolia commentator for the opening and closing ceremony

Ansen Sligar Chef de Mission for the Virgin Islands

CHOW King Fun, HKG, MEMOS XIV, HQ official (proxy CDM, press attaché, CLO)

Kliton Muca, Chef de Mission for Team Albania 

Lisa Delpy Neirotti MEMOS Professor Program Lead for the IOC Observers Programme

Yaniv Ashkenazi Israel Chef de Mission

Veronika Zemanova, Cezch Republic, MEMOS XXVIII

Charlene Malta, Chef de Mission, current MEMOS student

Wan Hor Fong from Malaysia MEMOS XV General Manager of Olympic Council of Malaysia

Mok Mkd, Chef de Mission for Macedonia

Margaux Kaltenbacher, Switzerland, IOC NOC Relations Team, MEMOS XXIV

Jasmin Yuedi Zhang, China MEMOS XXIV

Roger Schnegg, MEMOS XIX Secretary General of the National Olympic Committee of Switzerland

Patrick Brown, Great Britain MEMOS XIX

Aendry Kryunkov Kazakhstan in the current MEMOS