Memosian Directory available on LinkedIn

During MEMOS Convention, many Memosians asked for a directory, where they could easily find and connect with their peers. This directory is now available through LinkedIn and it is up to you to make your profile searchable.

How can I add my profile to the directory in less than a minute ?

Step 1:

Log in, and go to your profile page

Step 2:

Then, scroll down to your education section and click on the + icon to add a new education

Step 3:

Reference MEMOS Association as school in your education experience. If you already added MEMOS in your education, you must edit the school field, replacing it by MEMOS Association.

It is the addition of MEMOS Association as a school to your education experience that will enable your profile to be searchable in the LinkedIn directory. If you add another school, you won’t be listed in the directory.

How can I search and connect with other Memosians ?

The directory of Memosians who registered is available here:

Watch this explanatory video to get all the tricks on the manipulation of the directory!