Memosian Directory available on LinkedIn

During MEMOS Convention, many Memosians asked for a directory, where they could easily find and connect with their peers. This directory is now available through LinkedIn and it is up to you to make your profile searchable.

How can I add my profile to the directory in less than a minute ?

Step 1:

Log in, and go to your profile page

Step 2:

Then, scroll down to your education section and click on the + icon to add a new education

Step 3:

Reference MEMOS Association as school in your education experience

If you already added MEMOS in your education, you must edit the school field, replacing it by MEMOS Association

How can I search and connect with other Memosians ?

The directory of Memosians who registered is available here:

Watch this explanatory video to get all the tricks on the manipulation of the directory!