French MEMOS VIII in Andorra, second act!

At the beginning of March 2019, the Memosians from MEMOS VIII have been welcomed in Andorra by the National Olympic Committee for their second module. During 10 days, they covered the different aspects of sports marketing, from strategy to sponsoring, as well as the basics of financial management of sports organizations. At the beginning of their module, participants were challenged by Professor Laurent Boyer, to create a new commercial offer for the Algerian Sailing Federation and to solve other cases related to their own interests. Alain Ferrand, professor and director of MEMOS in French, was also present to teach and support the participants in their work.

During their free time, the Memosians enjoyed the magnificent tours and panoramas provided by Andorra la Vella. A morning sled run on the slopes of the ski station on the weekend allowed them to relax between the intensive sessions of classes, groupwork, and coaching.