MEMOS in French Underway by Mathieu Winand

The 26 participants selected for the MEMOS in French met online with the teaching team to officially launch the start of the program. During this virtual meeting, the Director of MEMOS, Prof. Mathieu Winand welcomed the participants and congratulated them on being chosen from the ever-increasing number of applicants wishing to join the programme. Teacher. Winand then introduced the program, its objectives and the MEMOS modules while the MEMOS project manager, Dr. Emilie Malcourant, explained the expectations in terms of the realization of individual projects and the concept of tutoring. The participants were able to introduce themselves and begin the exchanges between them which announce an excellent edition of the MEMOS in French. Participants are doing well although it is challenging to have the first session online. They have now presented their project and are looking forward to the next session in Luxembourg at LUNEX in July.

Photo by: Sergio Marques Dias