MEMOS Coffee Break ReCapFormer Director of English MEMOS Thierry Zintz  

Hosts Marco Mazzi, and Filippo Bazzanella spoke with MEMOS Coffee Break Guest, Thierry Zintz on Thursday, September 23rd. Thierry took us through the history of MEMOS – a tale so amazing it deserves its own space. Read about it here. 

Here are just some of the highlights from English MEMOS Director Thierry Zintz’s Coffee Break: 

On changes in Sport: “MEMOS is adapting in time with the World of Sport” 

On his best MEMOS memories: The tutees, for me, have been the best gift of MEMOS.” 

On his advice to all of us moving forward: “The world of sports is giving us many, many, many joys; we have to give back to it via our competencies.”  

We were honored with a call in from MEMOS founder, Professor Jean Camy expressing his gratitude for Thierry’s service to MEMOS over the last ten years.  

Thank you, Thierry, for your legacy and being the outstanding guest to bring back MEMOS Coffee Breaks!