MEMOS Coffee Break for May, the Athletes of Tokyo 2020

May’s Coffee Break was brought to us by Niccolo Campriani from Lausanne. As a former Olympic athlete, current coach, and senior intelligence manager for the IOC, Niccolo brings us an insider’s perspective on the athletes in Tokyo 2020.

As the main actors, all focus is on the Athletes for Tokyo 2020. Some key components for this year’s Summer Olympic Games for Niccolo Campriani include:

  • International Federations have been working together to make adjustments for safety during the pandemic
  • The test events in Tokyo were a success
  • Competitions are crucial for athletes to close the gap between training and competition
  • There is a huge challenge in how different athletes from different countries have been able to train and compete

MEMOSIANS all over the world are looking forward to this summer’s Olympic Games. Thank you Niccolo Campriani for your insight, and to Marco Mazzi and Filippo Bazzanella for putting the Coffee Breaks together!

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