MEMOS Ambassador News 

The MEMOS Ambassador Program is on the move!

Carmen Torres is in Puerto Rico organizing the MEMOSIANS in her country: Puerto Rico

Patrizia Wittich is in Germany and has formed a group on Elite Sport globally: Elite Sport

We have over 20 MEMOSIANS signed up to be listed as a contact for MEMOSIANS in their countries, stay tuned for the website update! 

Do you want to get involved? There are two options! 

OPTION A: Autonomous Project
Autonomous project, without intervention in your project development, except for the following support:
*       Linking you with Ambassadors with similar projects for collaboration purposes.
*       Relaying in the MEMOS network the updates on your project based on your submission of a short article and picture.

OPTION B: Official Ambassador 
Engage as a MEMOS National or Regional Ambassador (or both, it is up to you). You will commit to be a reference person for Memosians and MEMOS. That also means several responsibilities:
*      Relaying news about your Memosian Network on MEMOS social media platforms. Ex: positive news about your peers’ achievements, job proposals in your network, and everything you might think about! We would like an ambassador to share at least 1 piece of news every quarter, but of course more engagement is very welcome.
*      Relaying Memosian Gatherings among your network and inquire who wishes to organize and participate.
*      Being referred as Memosian Ambassador for your Promotion/Region on and answer the requests of your network. Your profile and your email address will be displayed on 

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