February Coffee Break with Author and MEMOSIAN San Charles Ghadssan

MEMOSIANS and Author San Charles Ghadssan took us on a deep dive into history with the discussion of his book, The File: Origins of the Munich Massacre. The File focuses on “interpreting the Archival Record of the Olympic Movement in the Holy Land, 1918-1952, as a Case Study for Olympic Sport Organization Managers”

Some key takeaways:

The use of Sport and Olympic values as a way of getting opposite sides together.

Moderating the role of the Olympics to both sides of the extremes.

For us in present day, to have better and braver policy making in the future.

There has been Progress: since book publication in March of 2020, Ghadssan has seen an increase in the needed conversations about this history between NOCs, stakeholders, and Sports Managers.

To learn more about the book, directly contact Ghadssan, or purchase The File please visit http://www.thefile1936.com/