Director Benoit New MEMOS

A word for a New MEMOS Year from our new MEMOS Director in English Director, Benoit Seguin

Dear MEMOS Alumni,

Dear MEMOS Friends,

We are thrilled to welcome a new cohort of 42 participants to MEMOS XXIV after taking a one year ‘pause’ due to the global pandemic. The participants come from all five continents representing a variety of sport organisations including National Olympic Committees, International Federations and National Sport Federations. Due to the pandemic, the first MEMOS XXIV session covering the Strategic Management and Governance as well as the Financial Management modules is being delivered ONLINE by the University of Ottawa. Both modules will be delivered over a three-week period giving participants more flexibility. The professors are adapting the delivery of their courses and all content (videos, assigned readings, discussions, assignments, guest speakers, etc.) will be accessible on a secured online platform at uOttawa. Delivering courses online is challenging but also provides opportunities to innovate in how we deliver content and engage with participants. I am thankful to the professors for adapting the modules and I have no doubt that MEMOS XXIV participants will have a positive and rewarding experience. We are hopeful that the second session, planned for Dubai in January 2022 will be delivered in person.

I also take this opportunity to thank Marco Mazzi and Filippo Bazzanella for initiating the MEMOS Coffee Break last May. This is a great way to engage with our MEMOS alumni and offer relevant content. Stay tune for future initiatives of our MEMOS network!

Benoit Séguin

MEMOS English Director