Upcoming for MEMOS – Applications and In-person Sessions!

While our MEMOSIANS-in-training prepare for their first in-person sessions (MEMOS XXIV in English are heading to Dubai in May while MEMOS X in French will head to Luxembourg in July) we’re preparing to start the application process with the next generation of MEMOSIANS.

Applications for MEMOS XXV in English and MEMOS IX in Spanish will open soon! Interested? Here are the links you need to get started:

For application details for MEMOS in English: https://memos.degree/candidature/

For application details for MEMOS in Spanish: https://memos.degree/candidature/?lang=es

For examples of completed past thesis projects, search “MEMOS” in the online Olympic Library: https://library.olympics.com/

Still have questions? We’re here to help! Email us at escanidatures@memos.degree for questions about the upcoming Spanish MEMOS session or encanidatures@memos.degree for questions about the upcoming English MEMOS session.

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