MEMOSIAN News: Agaath Doelman

From our current MEMOS XXV in English, Agaath Doelman, Data Analist for Team Netherlands, has an update for us:

“Very happy to tell you that it seems MEMOS is having an impact on our organisation. One of the recommendations of my HR Audit Assessment was to stimulate employees to travel to work by bike.

We didn’t get a mileage allowance, but today our employer published the following:

Bicycle allowance

To motivate employees to cycle to work more often, a reimbursement for commuting by bicycle will be introduced. If you take the bike to and from Papendal, you will receive a reimbursement of € 0.21 per km for the full number of kilometers. There is therefore no minimum or maximum number of kilometers, as we know with the travel costs by car.

​​​​So, if you live at, for example, 6 km. distance from Papendal and you go to the office by bike, you will receive a travel allowance of € 0.21 per km. (so € 2.52 per day).”

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