MEMOSIAN News: Keeping the Connection During COVID-19 

Juan Diego Blas from Guatemala shared his class experience keeping in touch at a time when many of us are staying at home. The MEMOS VII in Spanish are meeting every 3-4 weeks on Saturdays to talk a little bit of their current situation regarding COVID. They’re also discussing any advances on projects as several are still active after their MEMOS graduation. These conversations have lead to plans on running a project together investigating of the impact of COVID in sport. They have found success using the Zoom platform for the meetings.   

MEMOSIAN News: Keeping the Connection During COVID

As reported from Brigitte Berry from the Virgin Islands, MEMOS XVIII in English normally keeps in touch through a Whatsapp group chat. With members not traveling, they did a group Skype call to check in with each other. There were smiles all around as they shared updates from their countries, met children and pets, and discussed the future of Sport around the world.  

How is your class keeping in touch? 

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