Asian Games Meet Up: Hangzhou, China

Thanks to MEMOSIAN Hamdan Nazir from MEMOS XXIV, there was a meeting of all MEMOSIANS during the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou. Hamdan Nazir was there with Team Pakistan as their Chef de Mission.

Also present:

Michelle Tao, Doping Control Coordination Centre technical official, MEMOS XXIV

Edward CHOW, Headquarters Official of Hong Kong, China Delegation, MEMOS XIV

Sabine Fakhoury, Athlete and Sport Cordinator for the Olympic Council of Asia, MEMOS XVI

A very special thanks to Michelle! She had a recent accident and was on crutches, however, she still came all the way from the technical official’s village to the athletes’ village to join.

From left to right: Nishanthe Piyasena, Wissam Trkmani, Lena Naussbamer, Francesca Altomonte, Han Yan, Angelo Venceslau, Faris Alkooheji


There was also a large number of attendees from the recent MEMOS XXV class who were also able to meet up in Hangzhou, China during the Games:

MEMOS XXV Asian Games Meet Up: From left to right:
Nishanthe Piyasena (SRI), Wissam Trkmani (LBY), Lena Naussbamer (GER), Francesca Altomonte (PHI), Han Yan (CHN), Angelo Venceslau (TLS), Faris Alkooheji (BRN).

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