Become a Memosian Ambassador

Your MEMOS experience was only the beginning of a journey to enhance the developement of the sport movement all around the world!

We believe that the links between more than 810 MEMOS graduates are of utmost importance to tackle this huge challenge. Because “together we are stronger”.

MEMOS Associaton, supported by a group of Memosians, decided to launch an new dynamic to tidy the links within the MEMOS graduates community : the Ambassadors.

What is a MEMOSIAN Ambassador ?

An Ambassador is a graduate from MEMOS (also called a Memosian !) who whishes to play an active role in the MEMOS graduates network. His goal will be to create opportunities for Memosians to support each other and meet on some occasions.

Awesome, I’d love to be part of this movement ! But what will I do more concretely ?

It’s up to you ! Every Ambassador may bring his own ideas contributions to the network. We also have some projects to gather Memosians on major events and exchange knowledge where you could take part ! We will help you in facilitating those projects through the MEMOS network.

Great ! Where do I sign ?

You may register via the form below. Then, we will get in touch with you shortly to discuss your contribution.

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